History of CPU

The City of Clarksdale’s water and light department (later named Clarksdale Public Utilities Commission and referred to as CPU) first began operation of the City’s electric power plant in 1899.  The following year the citizens of Clarksdale authorized by majority vote to finance through bonds the installation of a complete water and sewer system.  At that time Clarksdale’s population was about 1,800.  Today, Clarksdale Public Utilities Commission serves approximately 6,800 homes and businesses in the City of approximately 18,000.

Through the years improvements to electric services were made with the addition of equipment and later the Third Street power plant.  More water towers were erected and water wells were dug to meet the needs of the growing city.  Construction began in early 1957 of the existing power plant at 240 Hicks Street, commonly known as the South Plant.  Operation of the new power plant began in January 1958.

In April 1964, construction began on the new wastewater treatment plant with total estimated costs of more than $1 million.  The plant began operation in September 1965.

Today, CPU has served the people of Clarksdale faithfully and well for almost 120 years.  CPU has 80 employees and serves approximately 6,800 homes and businesses in the City of approximately 18,000.


City of Clarksdale Water & Light Begins Operation

1899 – The City of Clarksdale’s Water and Light Departments begins operation of the city’s power plant.

Construction of South Plant Begins

1957 – Construction of the new Power Plant on Hicks Street (known as the South Plant) begins.

Operation of New Power Plant

1958 – CPU begins the operation of the South Plant to service the City of Clarksdale

New General Manager

2018 – CPU hires new GM Curtis Boschert. Boschert continues to lead CPU to serve the community of Clarksdale