Our Programs

Did you know that we offer many ways to pay your bill in order to make it more convenient for you?



Pick A Due Date

Get your paychecks on an odd day during the month? Have other payments to take care of and don’t want everything to come out all at once? We are here for you. We allow our customers to choose from 5 different Due Dates throughout the month in order to help with personal budgeting. Choose from the 4th, 10th, 16th, 22nd, and 27th. Contact Customer Service for more information.



Pay Online

We have an easy way for you to view your bill and account information online at our customer portal. Our payment gateway accepts payments via Credit Card and e-Check for your convenience. Check out the Customer Portal above to set up your online account today!




Monthly Draft

Do you have a hard time remembering to pay your bill? Do you wish you could set it up so that it would automatically debit your account? You are in luck! We accept ACH Bank Draft and Credit Card drafts to your CPU Account. Contact Customer Service today to get enrolled.



Payment Kiosk

We have a new payment kiosk outside the drive-thru window. For your convenience, you are now able to pay your bill anytime, day or night. The kiosk accepts cards and checks. Come and see how easy it is to pay your bill! The kiosk is located at 416 Third Street on the south side of the building.




Are you experiencing financial difficulty this month? We want to work with you. We provide extensions up to TEN (10) times per year. Drop by our office and speak with a Customer Service Representative for more information.



Levelized Billing

Are you on a tight budget and wish your bill would be more consistent throughout the year? Levelized Billing is available if you have 12 months of prior service history. Levelized Billing takes an average of your past 12 months’ consumption and allows you to pay that amount. For a more detailed description of the program, and to enroll, contact our Customer Service Department.